Single Person Suspended Platform

Specially designed for the work done by single person, the single person suspended platform is particularly suitable for decoration, painting, heat preservation and coating of exterior walls, installation and cleaning of glass curtain wall, marble veneering, etc. With simple structure and easy operation, it applies to a variety of complex buildings, especially the narrow space and the corner. Equipped with independent hoist, safety lock and emergency stop devices, the single person suspended platform is safe and reliable to use. In addition, it is convenient to install and dismantle, facilitating storage and transportation.

Specifications of Single Person Suspended Platform
Rated lifting force kg 250
Lifting speed m/min 9.6
Rotational speed of e lectric machine r/min 1420
Length of platform m 1.2
Diameter of wire rope mm 8.3
Model of wire rope
Lifting height m ≤200
Power kw 1.5
According to customer demand
Braking torque N·m 15
E longation of front beam m 1.3~1.5
Height of front beam m 1.3~1.8
Weight of suspension mechanism kg 150
Counterweight kg 400

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