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Sales procedures
1. The price of the suspended platforms, hoists and work platforms will be quoted by our professional sales associates according to the specific requirements of the client. The packing fee and transportation fee to Shanghai Port are included in the quotation. We also provide CFR (including shipping) or CIF (including shipping and insurance) quotations to the customer's destination port.

2. Once the specification and price are confirmed by both sides, our company will provide the contract invoice, which contains the trade information of the company's payment account, product specifications, quantity, delivery time and payment methods.

After this information is confirmed by the customer to be correct, the invoice needs to be sealed, signed and sent back to our company. We will then arrange for the advance payment.

3. After we receive the advance payment, the production and delivery of the product will be arranged according to the delivery time. For FOB terms customers, we will notify the clients that the final payment is due when the product is ready. After receiving the final payment, we will arrange the delivery of the products by appointed freight forwarding. For CFR or CIF terms customers, we will arrange the product's delivery. After the delivery, the customer will receive the copy of the bill of lading and other relevant documents by mail. After that, we will wait for the customer's confirmation and the payment.

4. After receiving the full payment of the customer, our company will send all the original documents by DHL. Then, the customer receives the product and is responsible for customs clearance work.

Warranty period
All of our products come with a one-year warranty, which actually adds up to 14 months starting from the bill of lading date. If any damage is caused due to the product's quality during the warranty period, relevant parts will be sent to the customers by sea or by other economical transportation. If the damage of the machine is caused by the customer's improper usage and operation, our company will make every reasonable effort to help the customers solve the problem.

The packaging of the products is designed in strict accordance with export standards to ensure that the goods delivered to the customers are entirely undamaged. We also provide special customized packaging services according to the specific requirements of our customers. Additional fees will be charged separately.

Delivery Time
The average delivery time of an order of less than 20 suspended platforms is two weeks.
The average delivery time of an order of less than 5 hoists and work platforms is about 30 days.
The above delivery time changes in low season and peak season. It also changes with the different specifications of the customized products. For more detailed information, please inquire our business personnel.

Extra After Sales Services
We provide customized and OEM services for the customers who have specific requirements.

In addition to the one year warranty period, we have also set up sales sites in the Middle East and South America. These sales sites help to solve the problems of faulty accessories and to provide fast and convenient after sales services in these two areas.

We also provide remote installation and debugging assistance for the customers who need our technical staff for installation guidance in the areas where we cannot reach. If the on-site services are needed, the customer has to pay for the working staff's visas, return air tickets, insurance and arrange for their room and board. In addition, the guidance fee will be charged according to the number of working staff and working days.

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