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Other Construction Suspended Platform

In order to meet the needs of customers in different occasions, our company can design and manufacture custom suspended platform of different specifications based on the needs and special structure of the building. For example, we provide single person type, corner type, double-layer type, hanging type for ship, circular type for chimney, etc.

We are a custom suspended platform manufacturer based in China. We offer a vast range of products, including single person suspended platform, scissor aerial work platform, suspended platform hoist, davit BMU system, and much more.

    1. Single Person Suspended Platform
    2. Single Person Suspended Platform
      Specially designed for the work done by single person, the single person suspended platform is particularly suitable for decoration, painting, heat preservation and coating of exterior walls, installation and cleaning of glass curtain wall, marble veneering, etc. With simple structure and easy operation...
    1. ZLP150 Suspended Chair
    2. ZLP150 Suspended Chair
      ZLP150 suspended chairs are primarily used in cleaning, painting and maintenance of tall building facades. They can also be used in the external construction of wind turbines for wind power systems. The largest feature of the suspension chair is its low construction costs, small size, and no requirements for scaffolding.
    1. Corner Suspended Platform, Gondola
    2. Corner Suspended Platform, Gondola
      The corner suspended platform or gondola is specially designed for buildings with outlines of certain angle. Nowadays, buildings have complex and changeable profiles with various angles. It is difficult or even impossible to construct in these corners using the standard suspended platforms.
    1. Custom Suspended Work Platform
    2. Custom Suspended Work Platform
      Our company can produce custom suspended work platforms of various specifications and applications according to customers' requirements. Our custom suspended work platform has been widely used in projects of complex construction environment and high construction difficulty.