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Here at Secure Industry, we are one of the leading manufacturers of construction equipment in China. We are focused on the production, sales, and design of a wide range of suspended access equipment such as suspended platforms, construction hoists, mast climbing work platforms, hydraulic work platforms and more for maintenance and construction work in areas that are generally considered inaccessible.

  • Suspended Platform
  • Hoist
  • Work Platform

1. Our suspended platforms, hoists and aerial work platforms are safe and reliable operational equipment used for wall decoration spray, external wall maintenance and cleaning, glass curtain wall installation, and external wall structural components welding in high buildings, as well as multiple other purposes. We also provide customized products to customers who have specific requirements.

2. We provide customized suspended platforms, hoists, work platforms and scaffolding in special projects such as bridge building, dam construction, chimney building,ship building and elevator installation.

3. The professional material hoist is specifically used to transport building materials and carry workers during construction.

4. Various types of aerial work platforms provide supporting services in warehouse logistics, municipal public facilities management, garden greenery, shopping malls, hotels, ship manufacturing and plane manufacturing.

5. We provide scaffolds for the construction of traditional architecture, large scale stand systems in stadiums and small scale choreography stage system in theaters.

6. We provide suspended platforms, hoists and work platforms to the rental operators and dealers for construction machinery.

Our company has an annual output of 6000 suspended platforms, 500 work platforms and 200 hoists. The large production capacity of our company allows us to satisfy requirements for both quality and quick delivery periods.

Equipped with advanced production and testing equipment, such as processing centers, CNC lathes, CNC bending, a welding robotic system, and coordinate detector, we guarantee that the master devices of all products are 100% defect free.

We strictly comply with ISO9001:2008 quality system standards and CE standards throughout the entire manufacturing process. With advanced equipment and technology, experienced technicians, strict administration and perfect checking instruments, we provide superior-quality products and satisfactory service to every customer. In addition, we have maintained great partnerships with top material suppliers, from whom we can always get the best raw materials. We also have our own hot dip galvanizing workshop, which assists us in outstanding quality control for all products that require a galvanizing surface treatment.

Our products have sold in more than 50 countries and regions of the world and have earned a great reputation for their good quality, safety, economical efficiency and practicality. We also provide OEM service for customers based on their own design and drawings. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We are glad to provide innovative solutions and excellent service to our customers.

Secure Industry Co., Ltd

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