Safety Rope

Security safety rope is used to protect both people and goods in aerial work sites, and is applicable to perimeter electrician, construction, telecom, wire maintenance and other industry projects.

The safety rope is high strength and light weight, making it durable. It features a high resistance to rubbing, mold, acid and alkali.

Wire Diam: 4mm-36mm
Nylon Fiber: Can made as per customer requirements, and other materials are available

Product Name PE PP Yellow and Black Tiger Rope
Weave method 48 spindle weaving
Color Red/black/blue/green/yellow/white/orange/gray
Diameter 4mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm/14mm/16mm/18mm/20mm
Breaking strength You can refer to the following table
Execution standard EN 892-1996
Length As your request
Product features High strength/soft/portable/wear-resisting
Breaking Strength Table
No. Diameter Weight (kg/220m) Breaking strength (N) Material
1 4mm 2.4 330 Nylon
2 6mm 5.94 770 Nylon
3 8mm 8.8 1380 Nylon
4 10mm 13.64 2140 Nylon
5 12mm 19.58 3080 Nylon
6 14mm 26.8 4220 Nylon
7 16mm 34.76 5460 Nylon
8 18mm 42 6900 Nylon
9 20mm 53.9 8550 Nylon
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