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Material Hoist

    1. MH75/100/150 Material Hoist
    2. MH75/100/150 Material Hoist
      STP series material hoist is often used to carry materials in construction. These construction hoists can also carry workers when equipped with a top cover. They are mainly used in the construction of architecture under 150 meters in height with a maximum load of 2 tons and operating speed of 0-24m/min.
    1. 1000-6500kg Hydraulic Scissor Lift
    2. 1000-6500kg Hydraulic Scissor Lift
      Stationary hydraulic cargo lift mainly applies to cargo transportation between storeys of warehouse, garage, workshop and a variety of work compartments. It has characteristics of large loading capacity, safe and stable lifting, and simple and convenient installation and maintenance, which is an economic and practical cargo transportation instrument.
    1. 500-3000kg Hydraulic Cargo Lift
    2. 500-3000kg Hydraulic Cargo Lift
      The guide rail cargo lift or freight hoist adopts the hydraulic cylinder as the main driving force and transmits through the heavy-duty chain and wire rope, ensuring the absolute safety of the machine running. There is no need of pit or machine room, making the product especially suitable for places where pit can not be dug, like warehouse transformation, goods shelf building, etc.