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SC150/150 Construction Hoist

Applications of Construction Hoist
The Secure Industry Construction hoist is used to transport workers and materials to required positions during construction. It has the same function as elevators.

Generally, the load capacity of Construction hoist is 1-2 tons and the operating speed is 0-96M/min. We provide Construction hoist with various load capacities. The maximum load capacity is about 2000kg, which allow it to carry 18 workers at one time.

The medium speed Construction hoist produced by our company is equipped with gear reducer as the transmission. The gear reducer is used in high-end machines in China and its working efficiency is over 95%. So our Construction hoist is more efficient and energy saving than other brands.

Parameters of SC150/150 Construction Hoist
Item SC150/150
Rated Capacity (kg) 2*1500/15 person
Installing Capacity (kg) 2*900
Rated Speed (m/min) 36
Reduction Ratio 1:16
Cage size (m) 3*1.3*2.5
Power Supply Three phases 380V 50/60Hz or 220V 60Hz
Motor Power (kw) 2*2*13
Rated Current (a) 2*2*27
Power Capacity (kva) 2*42
Cage Weight (inc. Driving system) (kg) 2*1820
Safety Device Type SAJ40-1.2

Features of Construction Hoist
1. The transmission device of the construction hoist is designed at the top of the hanging cage with a maximum height of 150 meters.
2. The construction hoist is equipped with safety devices. The limit control switch in the machine allows the safety door to open automatically when it exceeds the limiting parameters.
3. The construction hoist is equipped with an anti-fall safety device.
We can also provide floor call systems and rack and gear automatic lubrication systems according to customer requirements.
4. The construction hoist is mainly composed of the hanging cage, chassis, standard section, transmission, anti-fall safety device, lifting capacity limiter, frequency control system and frequency conversion electronic control system. It has a wide application range, large lifting capacity and safe usage.

Details display of Construction Hoist
  • Profile of hoist
  • Internal view of hoist (ladder, skylight)
  • Internal view of hoist (ladder, skylight)
  • External rail of hoist, cable drum, standard knot
  • Driving system (motor and reducer)
  • Drive system (motor, reducer with rain cover)
  • Anti-fall device
  • Cable trolley
  • Electric control box
  • Gear rack
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