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Mast Climbing Work Platform

Mast climbing work platform
Mast climbing work platforms are an efficient and safe outdoor construction platforms used in construction projects. The suspended platform allows for multiple workers using it simultaneously, as it carries workers and materials to the required height. It is for that reason, the outdoor construction platform is widely used in large outdoor construction sites.

We provide both single column suspended platform and double column suspended platform for the customers according to their different working conditions in the construction sites.

  • Single mast climbing work platform
  • Double mast climbing work platform

Applications of Mast Climbing Work Platform
Mast climbing work platforms are used in the construction of tall buildings, steel frame ships, large tanks, chimneys, and dams.
They are also used for the building facades and top construction. The construction includes the renovation, cleaning, maintenance, decoration, sticky insulation, sandblasting and inlay of the external walls and glass curtain walls.

Technical Parameters of Mast Climbing Work Platform
1 Model STC150 STC350
2 Max number of people 3 6
3 Rated lift speed 7.3 m/min
4 Max working height 150 m
5 Max platform length 10 m 31 m
6 Standard platform width 1.2 m
7 Max extension total width 2.4 m
8 Height of first tie-in no more than 4.5 m
9 Distance between tie-in 6m (working height from 0-100m)
3m (working height from 100-150m)
10 Mast section size 1508×450×450 mm
11 Motor model Y2EJ100L2-4
11 Power 2×3 kW 4×3 kW
12 Voltage and frequency 3P, 380V/50Hz 220V/60Hz

Features of Mast Climbing Work Platform
Fast installation and disassembly
Precise positioning to any required height
Free of the obstacles such as scaffold steel pipes, convenient for construction
Top cover can be added to make the working environment more comfortable.
The double column of the suspended platform reaches as high as 31 meters. The length and width of the working platform makes the machine fit for the construction in irregular floors.

Mast climbing work platforms saves more than 40% of the working time and costs.

Working principle of Mast Climbing Work Platform
Mast climbing work platforms are aerial work platforms driven by a gear rack and guided, raised and lowered by standard section. They are mainly composed of the drive unit, chassis, standard section, tripod deck, fence, with wall, electronic control system and other components. Mast climbing work platforms feature a large hoisting capacity, high working efficiency, large working area, unbalanced loading detection, automatic leveling, and a safe, reliable usage.

During construction, these work platform can also assist in bricklaying, stone installation and prefabricated components installation.

The smooth operation, easy installation and safe usage of the hoisting platform have led to its increasing popularity in recent years, and often, they can replace other aerial work platforms and scaffolding during the construction period.

Details display of Mast Climbing Work Platform
  • Mast suspender
  • Driving system
  • Triangle platform
  • Base
  • Mast section with rack
  • Top mast section
  • Handrail
  • Cable coaming
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