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Aerial Work Platform

    1. Movable Aerial Work Platform
    2. Movable Aerial Work Platform
      With large carrying capacity, flexible movement, stable lifting and convenient operation, the scissor aerial work platform applies to installation, cleaning and maintenance of high-altitude equipment in warehouse, airport, station, dock, stadium and other tall buildings. It can also be used for the maintenance of wild power facilities, overhead pipes, lifting machinery, etc.
    1. Stationary Lift Table
    2. Stationary Lift Table
      The fixed hydraulic lift table is divided into single frok and double froks. Other types can be customized. According to different work requirements and application environment, different working table, power, control mode and additional accessories can be configured.
    1. Dock Leveler
    2. Dock Leveler
      The fixed hydraulic dock leveler is a special auxiliary device used for quick loading and unloading of goods. With adjustable height, it serves as a bridge between truck and dock of the storehouse. Forklift and other handling vehicles can enter the interior of the truck directly through this device to conduct batch loading and unloading of goods