Dock Leveler

    1. Fixed Hydraulic Dock Leveler
    2. Fixed Hydraulic Dock Leveler
      The fixed hydraulic dock leveler is a special auxiliary device used for quick loading and unloading of goods. With adjustable height, it serves as a bridge between truck and dock of the storehouse. Forklift and other handling vehicles can enter the interior of the truck directly through this device to conduct batch loading and unloading of goods
    1. Mobile Yard Ramp
    2. Mobile Yard Ramp
      Used together with the forklift, the mobile yard ramp is auxiliary equipment for cargo handling. The forklift can directly drive into the carriage through this device to conduct loading and unloading of goods. The mobile yard ramp applies to large enterprises of many trucks with different types, warehouses, stations, docks, logistics warehousing bases, etc.
    1. Retractable Dock Leveler
    2. Retractable Dock Leveler
      As the most commonly and widely used dock leveler, the retractable dock leveler is easy to operate and has stable performance and low repair rate, which is particularly suitable for loading and unloading of double containers. The large platform is lifted by the master cylinder. Then the auxiliary cylinder pushes out the lip plate which will descend to the tail of the compartment.