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Movable Aerial Work Platform

    1. Scissor Aerial Work Platform
    2. Scissor Aerial Work Platform
      With large carrying capacity, flexible movement, stable lifting and convenient operation, the scissor aerial work platform applies to installation, cleaning and maintenance of high-altitude equipment in warehouse, airport, station, dock, stadium and other tall buildings. It can also be used for the maintenance of wild power facilities, overhead pipes, lifting machinery, etc.
    1. Self-Propelled Hydraulic Work Platform
    2. Self-Propelled Hydraulic Work Platform
      On the basis of scissor aerial work platform, the self-propelled hydraulic work platform is added with battery system, walking system and control and protection system, which ensures wide range movement of the machine, reduces labor intensity and improves working safety, thus maximizing economic benefits.
    1. Vehicle Mounted Working Platform
    2. Vehicle Mounted Working Platform
      The battery car vehicle-mounted working platform is a special aerial device retrofitted by the lifting table and battery car. With convenient movement and no exhaust pollution, this machine is suitable for high-altitude operations of wide range and strong liquidity. It is particularly suitable for cold storage and bus station, railway station, airport and other crowded areas.
    1. Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Lifting Platform
    2. Mast Aluminum Alloy Aerial Lifting Platform
      Mast aluminum alloy aerial lifting platform is widely used for paint decoration, swapping lamps, maintenance of power lines and machines, cleaning and maintenance of lighting equipment, and so on. It is often used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, airports, cinemas, exhibition centers, etc.
    1. Telescopic High Rise Aerial Lift Platform
    2. Telescopic High Rise Aerial Lift Platform
      Adopting high-strength material and tower ladder frame, the telescopic high raise aerial lift platform has good mechanical properties and high stability. The whole machine has compact structure, light weight, little shaking and convenient moving, which is an ideal device for high-altitude work.
    1. Crank High Rise Aerial Lift Platform
    2. Crank High Rise Aerial Lift Platform
      Suitable for outdoor operation, the lift platform has good balance performance. It is widely used for the decoration of stations, docks, airports, hotels, grain depots and public buildings, for installation and maintenance of power system, etc. There are self-propelled crank high raise aerial lift platform and trailer-type crank high raise aerial lift platform.