Scissor Aerial Work Platform

With large carrying capacity, flexible movement, stable lifting and convenient operation, the scissor aerial work platform applies to installation, cleaning and maintenance of high-altitude equipment in warehouse, airport, station, dock, stadium and other tall buildings. It can also be used for the maintenance of wild power facilities, overhead pipes, lifting machinery, etc.

Model Rated load kg Maximum height m Minimum height m Platform size m Lifting time s Motor Power kw Total Weight kg Voltage V
SJY0.2-4 200 4 1.3 1.5×0.7 25 1.1 600 380V or 220V or customize according to customers' demand
SJY0.3-6 300 6 1.3 1.8×0.84 50 1.5 900
SJY0.5-6 500 6 1.3 1.8×0.84 55 1.5 900
SJY0.3-9 300 9 1.45 2.2×1.15 60 1.5 1200
SJY0.5-9 500 9 1.45 2.2×1.15 70 2.2 1300
SJY0.3-11 300 11 1.6 2.2×1.15 65 2.2 1380
SJY0.5-11 500 11 1.6 2.2×1.15 80 2.2 1420
SJY0.3-14 300 14 1.85 2.5×1.3 90 3.0 2200
SJY0.3-16 300 16 2 2.6×1.5 90 4.0 2500

Note: The above parameters are measured based on the 380V driving force and are only for reference. The single-phase power supple is optional. Lifting speed is adjustable and specifications can be customized.

Our scissor aerial work platform is equipped with multiple protection mechanisms, such as safety protection device for preventing overload, safety valve for preventing the rupture of the hydraulic lines, emergency descending device in case of power outrage, etc. The lifting mechanism is made by high-strength rectangular steel tube and the scissor type mechanical structure enables the platform to have high stability after lifting. The work surface is wide and has high bearing capacity, which enables multiple people to work at the same time, thus making the aerial work more efficient. In addition, extension platform can be customized and each side can be stretched by 0.8m to 1m.

The scissors high-altitude platform usually works under the voltage of 380V AC, but 220V AC and DC are also optional. With the explosive-proof grade of DII BT4, our product is applicable to various occasions of explosive-proof demand.

Secure is a professional scissor aerial work platform manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a variety of products, including self-propelled hydraulic work platform, telescopic building maintenance unit, suspended platform hoist, cargo lift, and much more.

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