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Suspended Platform

    1. Steel Suspended Work Platform
    2. Steel Suspended Work Platform
      The steel suspended access platform or swing stage mainly consists of two parts which are steel working platform and steel suspension mechanism. Thin-walled rectangular steel tube is adopted, which has compact structure and reasonable design.
    1. Aluminum Suspended Work Platform
    2. Aluminum Suspended Work Platform
      The aluminum alloy suspended access platform is made up of aluminum alloy working platform and steel suspension mechanism. The working platform is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and its outer surface has oxide film, enabling it to resist rust and corrosion without painting or galvanizing.
    1. Manual Hoist Suspended Platform
    2. Manual Hoist Suspended Platform
      The manually controlled suspended platform can eliminate the need for scaffolding, which results in saving in steel, timber and labor cost. In addition we have designed this product with a safety lock, which makes this aerial work platform easy to operate no matter under manual control or under pedal control.
    1. Pedal Lift Suspended Platform
    2. Pedal Lift Suspended Platform
      The pedal lift suspended platform can remove the need for hand operation during construction. It is pedal-operated for ease of rising and falling. This product is automatically locked when the pedal is not used. This suspension platform goes up and down at a controllable speed.
    1. Building Maintenance Unit
    2. Building Maintenance Unit
      Building maintenance units are used for the cleaning and maintenance of high building facades, glass curtain walls and window glass. BMU gondolas feature a higher safety factory, and are comprised of the hoisting machine, safety lock, wire winder (used to collect wire rope that is 100-150 meters high) ...
    1. Other Construction Suspended Platform
    2. Other Construction Suspended Platform
      With simple structure and easy operation, it applies to a variety of complex buildings, especially the narrow space and the corner. Equipped with independent hoist, safety lock and emergency stop devices, the single person suspended platform is safe and reliable to use. In addition, it is convenient to install and dismantle, facilitating storage and transportation.
    1. Suspended Platform Accessories
    2. Suspended Platform Accessories
      The suspended platform wire rope winder can automatically wind the wire rope, thus maintaining neatness and beauty when cleaning the curtain wall. The disk body is made of aluminum alloy, so the wire rope winder is compact and light.