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Building Maintenance Unit

Application of Building Maintenance Unit
Building maintenance units are used for the cleaning and maintenance of high building facades, glass curtain walls and window glass. They are also ideal choices for tall building curtain wall cleaning and maintenance as they allow users to get closer to the curtain wall than a suspended platform does.

BMU gondolas feature a higher safety factory, and are comprised of the hoisting machine, safety lock, wire winder (used to collect wire rope that is 100-150 meters high), upper limit device, lower limit device, hull and electric control box, and cable box.

Parameters of SXD250 Building Maintenance Unit
Model SXD250
Rated Capacity 250kg
Max. Lifting Height 100m
Lifting Speed 8-10m/min
Platform Size (mm) 2600×680×2020
Distance between Lifting steels (mm) 2000
Steel wire rope 4×31SW+FC-8.3
Hoist Rated Lifting Capacity 6.17kN×2
Motor Type YEJ90L-4
Power 1.5kW×2
Voltage 3N~380V
Frequency 50Hz
Rotate Speed 1400rpm
Break Torque 15Nm
Power Wire Winder Type JP100
Structure Principle Friction Skid when Overload
Motor Power 0.18kW×2
Voltage 3N~380V
Rotate Speed 18/1320rpm
Safety Lock Type LSB30II
Structure Principle Anti-titling Type
Allowed capacity >800kg
Steel Locking Distance < 100mm
Steel Locking Angle 3°-8°
Weight Around550kg
Detail display
  • Bottom limit switch
  • Rope guide pipe
  • Wire winder system
  • Mechanical overload device
  • Wall rollers
  • Electronic control system
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