ZLP150 Suspended Chair

The ZLP150 suspension chair is a single-person suspended platform. It is driven using electricity and requires only a single worker to operate.

ZLP150 suspended chairs are primarily used in cleaning, painting and maintenance of tall building facades. They can also be used in the external construction of wind turbines for wind power systems.

The product has been safely used in the Guangzhou TV Tower which is over 600 meters high.

The largest feature of the suspension chair is its low construction costs, small size, and no requirements for scaffolding. It is useful for both decoration and construction projects with a small working area. The suspended chair is also easy to operate.

An LTD3 hoist and SL30 centrifugal type safety lock ensure the safe usage of the machine.

Parameters of Single Person Suspended Platform
Rated load (kg) 100
Lift speed (m/min) 7-9
Suspend chair specification (mm) 450*520*1600
Wire rope (mm) Special wire rope, diameter8.3
Hoist Model LTD3
Power (kW) 0.75
Rotating speed (r/min) 1400
Brake torque (Nm) 7.5
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