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Suspended Platform Accessories

    1. Hoist
    2. Hoist
      It has automatic cable-feeding function. Electromagnetic brake device of the hoist motor can automatically joint, produce braking torque, stop and support the suspended platform to ensure safety in case of power failure or power interruption.
    1. Safety Lock
    2. Safety Lock
      Suspended platform safety lock can automatically lock the safety cable within the distance of 200mm when the working cable breaks or the working platform tilts 3º~8º or falls rapidly. When the hoist or motor malfunctions, the safety lock can be manually operated to lock the safety cable.
    1. Electrical Control Box
    2. Electrical Control Box
      Made by high-quality material after special heat treatment, our electrical control cabinet has small volume, light weight, long service life and other advantages. The cabinet door can be locked, making this product dust proof, waterproof and enabling it to work under severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain, strong sunshine, high wind, etc.
    1. Suspension Mechanism
    2. Suspension Mechanism
      Suspended platform suspension mechanism bears the working platform through the steel wire rope. The suspension arm and bracket height can be adjusted based on usage (the extended length of the front beam is 1.3m to 1.7m and the bracket height is adjustable between 1.3m to 1.8m).
    1. Steel Wire Rope
    2. Steel Wire Rope
      Suspended platform steel wire rope is made of high quality carbon steel. Due to multiple cooling and heat treatments, it has high strength. Surface of the steel wire rope is covered with zinc for rustproofing and the breakage is polished and coated with copper. In addition, the steel wire rope should be checked at least twice a month after being used.
    1. Power Cable
    2. Power Cable
      Domestic well-known brand of suspended platform power cable is adopted by our company. We can also customize power cables according to your demands. We also offer steel suspended access platform, swing stage, suspended platform safety lock, scissor aerial work platform, and more.
    1. Counterweight
    2. Counterweight
      Suspended platform counterweight is used to keep the suspended platform balanced. There are pure cement counterweight, cement and sheet iron counterweight and pure iron counterweight. You can choose any one of the three based on you needs.

Our company provides a variety of suspended platform accessories, such as construction hoist, safety lock, electrical control box, suspension mechanism, power cable, counterweight, etc.

As a specialized suspended platform manufacturer based in China, we offer steel suspended access platform, davit BMU system, aerial work platform, and a variety of suspended platform accessories such as suspended platform hoist and suspended platform safety lock.

Optional items

The suspended platform wire rope winder can automatically wind the wire rope, thus maintaining neatness and beauty when cleaning the curtain wall. The disk body is made of aluminum alloy, so the wire rope winder is compact and light.

As a specialized suspended platform wire rope winder manufacturer and supplier in China, Secure also provides suspended platform counterweight, self-propelled hydraulic work platform, davit BMU system, and mobile yard ramp, among others.

Overload protection device

The overload protection device is an optional construction accessory for the suspended platform installed in the electric control box. Customers can adjust the rated capacity according to different working conditions. The sensor connected to the hoist is used for loading weight detection, and once the loading weight on the platform exceeds the rated capacity, the overload sensor will stop working and issue warning sounds to ensure safe construction.

Customers can set the required load according to the working conditions, through the elevator connected with the sensor weighing to detect the weight.

Against-wall support roller

The operation of the suspended platform is performed on a hanging platform, so safety is paramount during operation. The wall roller in the suspended platform is the first part to touch the wall. It reduces the striking force of the suspended platform when it swings and assists the platform in achieving a buffering and shock absorption effect. A black inflatable wheel is the standard wall roller and the white PVC wheel is an optional accessory. If the suspended platform swings during operation, the wall roller touches the wall first to absorb and reduce the striking force, which helps to both protect the wall, and reduce the swinging motion of the suspended platform, thus enhancing platform safety.

The black inflatable wheel is the standard wall roller and the white PVC wheel is an optional accessory. The white wall roller has a larger contact with the wall than the ordinary white inflatable wheel. Thus, the white wall roller achieves better protection, buffering and shock absorption effect during the construction in glass curtain walls.

Caster wheel with brake

A moveable caster wheel with a brake can be used at the bottom of the suspended platform and the bottom of roof support. When the worker frees the brake, the positions of the suspended platform and the roof support can be easily changed. When the worker hits the brake, the machine will be locked during the operation to avoid the hidden dangers of random position shift, making the caster wheel with a brake safer than ordinary casters.