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Manual Hoist Suspended Platform

Manual Hoist Suspended Platform

The manual hoist suspended platform is mainly used for construction, decoration, maintenance and cleaning of exterior walls of mid- or high-rise buildings. Some examples are:
Mortar plastering,
Curtain wall installation,
Exterior-wall painting and cleaning,
Maintenance and other construction operations

Detail of Manual Hoist Suspended Platform
  • Manual mounting bracket
  • Manual hoist

Benefits at a glance
The manually controlled suspended platform can eliminate the need for scaffolding, which results in saving in steel, timber and labor cost. It is an ideal solution for managing costs in construction. In addition we have designed this product with a safety lock, which makes this aerial work platform easy to operate no matter under manual control or under pedal control.

Technical parameters of Manual Hoist Suspended Platform
Items ZLSP 1000
Rated load capacity (kg) 1000
Size of suspended platform (mm) 3 × (2000 × 690 × 1100)
Max. elongation of suspension mechanism (mm) 1500
Hoist Hoist model HX-1600
Rated lifting force (kg) 1000
Weight (kg) 13.5 × 2
Safety lock Safety lock model LSB 30
Distance between lock and rope (mm) < 100
Weight (kg) 5 × 2
Wire rope φ 12mm*2 φ 8.3mm*2
Counterweight 40 × 25kg
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