Safety Lock

As an important safety device of aerial suspended platform, the suspended platform safety lock can automatically lock the safety cable within the distance of 200mm when the working cable breaks or the working platform tilts 3º~8º or falls rapidly. When the hoist or motor malfunctions, the safety lock can be manually operated to lock the safety cable. The security lock mainly consists of rope clip, torsion spring, swing arm, roller and other parts. Its concrete working principle is described as follows.

Model LSG20 LSL30
Structure principle Swing-arm Centrifugal
Permissible load kg > 800 >800
Permissible impact KN 20 30
Cable locking distance Mm <200 <200
Cable locking angle º 3-8º
Cable locking speed m/min ≥22

During the normal operation of suspended platform, the working cable is close to the roller on the swing arm, so the rope clip is open and the safety cable can pass smoothly. However, when the working platform tilts to the set value or the working cable breaks, the pressure posed by the working cable on the swing arm will weaken or disappear. Under the action of torsion spring and the friction between rope clip and steel wire rope, the rope clip will promptly fold and lock the safety cable, stopping the working platform continuing to tilt or fall and ensuring the safety of operators.

The suspended platform safety lock produced by our company is reasonably designed and elaborately manufactured, which is safe and reliable. According to different working principles, there are swing arm type safety lock and centrifugal type safety lock.

Secure is a suspended platform safety lock manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including suspended platform hoist, telescopic building maintenance unit, aerial work platform, and more.

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