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ZLP800 Steel Suspended Work Platform

The steel suspended access platform or swing stage mainly consists of two parts which are steel working platform and steel suspension mechanism. Thin-walled rectangular steel tube is adopted, which has compact structure and reasonable design.

Specifications of ZLP800 Steel Suspended Work Platform
Model ZLP800
Material Steel
Rated load kg 800
Lifting speed m/min 8.2 ± 0.5
Platform size(L×W×H) mm (2500×3)×690×1180
Suspension mechanism Rated elongation of the front beam mm 1300~1700
Height of the front beam mm 1300~1800
Hoist Model LTD8.0
Rated lifting force 7.84KN
Quantity 2
Electric machine Power Kw 2.2
Voltage V According to customer demand
Rotational speed r/min 1420
Braking torque N·m 15
Safety lock Model LSG20
Quantity 2
Permissible impact KN 20
Distance of falling to lock mm ≤200
Angle of tilting to lock º ≤8º
Weight Platform kg 600
Hoist kg 87×2
Safety lock kg 5.5×2
Suspension mechanism kg 310 (without counterweight)
Electrical box kg 15
Counterweight kg 1000
Wire rope Diameter Model 8.6mm 6×19+IWS
Cable Model 3×2.5+2×1.5YC-5 (1 pcs)
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